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About Our Program

Many research studies have revealed that children at play are already establishing a solid base in developing their major life skills.  These skills include language and literacy, mathematics, science and technology, and the various arts including music. Experiences created and offered during play are an important way to understand how children learn, and how we as educators can assist them in learning more effectively.

Activities available to your child will promote fine and gross motor development, language, cognitive and social skills both indoors and outdoors.  We are continually adapting our activities and experiences to meet the specific needs of your child.  A child learns best when he/she is encouraged and interested.

Staff are encouraged to upgrade their education through recognized Early Childhood Education courses or relevant child related programs.  They are also encouraged to attend workshops and seminars to expand their own skills and to apply what has been learned.  Way To Grow Daycare maintains a current membership with the Early Childhood Community Development Centre (ECCDC) to provide staff with access to monthly trainings and a resource library from which materials can be borrowed.

Our Developmental Program Plans are posted for parents to review.

Unique To The Niagara Region…Quality Child Care Niagara

Way To Grow Daycare is proudly participating in the Quality Child Care Niagara Initiative.

“The training and continued support provided through Quality Child Care Niagara facilitates opportunities for Early Childhood Educators to create developmentally based programming for all children enrolled in licensed child care settings across Niagara.”

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