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Health and Nutrition

Food and Nutrition

Children at Way To Grow Daycare are provided a hot lunch and two snacks throughout the day.

Our 4 week menu has been created through consultation with the Niagara Region Public Health Department, the Ministry of Education and Canada’s Updated Food Guide. We have a big full sized kitchen at our 10 Arlington Avenue site in St. Catharines. Our cook prepares the meals for all of our locations and everything is prepared fresh daily

The beef we serve to the children is Ontario Raised and the chickens are raised in a cage free environment. The other foods are purchased locally whenever possible or purchased at the local grocery store or ordered from Sysco Foods.

Meals and snacks for children with allergies and dietary restrictions are carefully prepared and well labeled. Our cook tries to make a meal that is similar to what the other children are eating.

We encourage all of our children to eat their meals all the time. It promotes and facilitates good eating habits and proper nutrition.

Our menus are posted for parents to reference and copies are available to take home

Special Note:

More Than A Morning Snack....

Our morning snack is based on breakfast foods and is served from 7:00 am to 9:00 am to give the children the best start to their day and to help ease the rush out the door in the mornings.

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